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WLWYB is an exceptional vendor on the secondary online marketplaces of LEGOTM


WLWYB is on the one hand an exceptional vendor on the secondary online marketplaces of LEGOTM parts, and on the other, the go-to shop to purchase MOC sets (My Own Creation) designed by amateur builders.

WLWYB is also the dream workplace for people with autism, as a realm of countless LEGOTM parts, offering a work environment specifically tailored to their special needs, co-designed and perfected in co-operation with Mars Foundation. WLWYB employs an increasing number of people living with autism in a structured and fun environment focusing on LEGOTM parts logistics.

Lifeed is a digital training solution for working parents and caregivers.

Lifeed - Life based value s.r.l

Lifeed is a digital training solution for working parents and caregivers that helps to transform life experiences (e.g. parenthood) into business skills, whilst positively impacting the company climate, reducing stress and improving engagement.

Built on strong scientific foundation and research, Lifeed helps to improve soft-skills harnessing the parenting / caregiver experience, and empowers mothers, fathers and caregivers to return to and excel in their work.

AXS ergonomic evaluation system helps to prevent work related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD).

AXS MotionSystem

Work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD) is one of the most prevalent type of work-related health problems, affecting 60 million workers in Europe. WMSDs cover a broad range of health problems associated with repetitive and strenuous work. These health problems range from discomfort, minor aches and pains, to more serious medical conditions which can lead to permanent disability

The Ergonomic Evaluation System of AXS facilitates the precise ergonomic improvement of workplaces and processes to prevent the occurrence of WMSD and increase productivity.

Green Fox Academy is a leading coding bootcamp in Hungary & CEE.

Green Fox Academy

Green Fox Academy provides new education products for the tech-driven labour market and talent sourcing-driven headhunting services for companies to challenge the major IT shortage in CEE and the increasing demand for high-tech skills in the workforce.

As one of the leading Hungarian coding bootcamps, Green Fox Academy helps people to overcome their skill gap through reskilling, acquire high- demand skills and start a future proof career (in place of an easy-to-automate job). Green Fox Academy consciously creates opportunities for women (e.g. Academy4Moms) to improve gender balance in the IT sector.

The Tailor Network provides affordable garments produced by local tailors and less-educated but trained seamstresses.

The Tailor Network

The Tailor Network provides customers with affordable fashion garments fitted by professional tailors, whilst empowering less-educated women and socially disadvantages groups.

TheTailorNetwork provides seamstress-training, equipment and working opportunities to less-educated women living in NGO/state-run family transition homes. Graduates can work as seamstresses for TheTailorNetwork to earn a sustainable performance based income, that supports the improvement of their and their families living conditions.

#School is an e-learning platform, for students to learn online, and for teachers & schools to create digital educational content, and teach online.


#School is both a content management system (CMS) and learning management system (LMS), developed by teachers for teachers and students. The content editor allows easy content creation and implementation of 21st century pedagogical methods, and enables online webclasses, testing, evaluation and more. Students access a variety of educational content for exam preparation, rehearsal or as extension of their daily offline classes.

#School allows tens of thousand of students to learn online, eases the process of digital education content creation for teachers and of online teaching. Also, eTanoda, a program of #School provides free access to the platform and its content for disadvantaged students, and supports their learning via personal mentoring, for proven improvement of educational outcomes.

Grinsect engages in farming and processing of the black soldier fly for feed purposes and also in developing and automating the farming and processing technology.


Grinsect engages in farming and processing of the black soldier fly for feed purposes and also in developing and automating the farming and processing technology. The purpose of the innovation is to produce protein in an eco-friendly way by reducing the ecological footprint as much as possible while offering alternative solutions for waste management and feed production.

Envision empowers visually impaired people to become more independent by speaking out the visual world around them.


Envision App offers a range of visual recognition features that enables blind and visually impaired users to independently access visual information around them. Envision Glasses bring the App’s functionality to smartglasses enabling an unprecedented hands-free and unobtrusive experience of accessing the visual world.

More than 300 million people globally live a limited and dependent life due to their inability to access visual information around them. The world around us continues to be more visual, so Envision is harnessing the power of AI to make visual information accessible to everyone.

BrainTrip Cognitve Index (BCI) is an EEG based biomarker for early detection and screening of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.


BrainTrip provides a fast, accurate non-invasive, affordable and scalable neurological tool for early detection of dementia, addressing the key pain points and hurdles of current dementia screening. BrainTrip’s EEG measurement based screening method takes 15 minutes, and results are instantly calculated in the cloud and presented via an app for the medical professionals and their clients.

Certified as Class I Medical Device, the BrainTrip Cognitive Index (BCI) is tackling the ever increasing prevalence of dementia in our aging population. By early detection and high accuracy, this preventive solution aims to improve the quality of life for demented people and their families, whilst reducing overload of diagnostic specialists. combats food waste by saving surplus meals and prevent food from ending up in communical waste.

BONAPP.ECO has developed a simple and userfriendly mobile application that combats food wasting. The company’s app, available on iOS and Android, connects users with local food retailers, including grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, bakeries, coffee shops and hotels. Through the app, users can purchase food that is approaching its expiration date, at a discount up to 80%.
By enabling the consumers to purchase food that would be thrown out otherwise, combats CO2 emissions while also raising awareness on food waste within the society.

Candam Technologies reduces the environmental impact of waste by increasing recycling rates through an innovative IoT device, RecySmart.


Candam provides technology for Circular Economy. Their IoT device, RecySmart is developed for the waste management sector to help city authorities and waste services increase their recycling rates. The disruptive technology can recognize all type of packaging waste in real-time and reward citizens for their proper recycling. This way, separation at origin can be easily integrated as part of the consumer’s routines, making it convenient, rewarded, efficient and profitable for all stakeholders.

Candam Technologies prevents materials that have a real value ending up mixed in landfills or in the environment as a result of improper sorting at origin. With this solution, it answers a global challenge: the reduction of non-recycled packaging waste.